Sexual harassment against a woman is a violation of the fundamental rights of women to equality. The Anti-Sexual Harassment Committee deals with issues relating to sexual harassment.

The Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell of the college provides a forum for the students and staff members to address their gender-related grievances and to create a healthy and safe atmosphere on the campus. The Cell aims to provide necessary facilities to overcome harassment and assist the students in lodging a complaint and conducting an inquiry if any of them have been a victim of sexual harassment. It is applicable to all students and staff of the college. The cell also works towards creating a safe and supportive environment for those who report incidents of harassment, ensuring that their identities are protected and that they are not victimized further.

The anti-sexual harassment cell consists of a group of members who handle complaints of sexual harassment, investigate incidents, and take appropriate action against the offender. The Cell assures that all complaints of the students, teaching, and non-teaching staff are treated with dignity and respect, and the complaints should be maintained with confidentiality.