Young minds need guidance to polish their personality. Counselling offers an opportunity to explore feelings in a safe environment and develop ways of handling them. Through counselling, students are given advice on how to manage and deal with emotional conflict and personal problems. It is also our responsibility to foster the skills that enable students to face life with confidence. To facilitate this, it is imperative that the emotional needs of the students should be addressed.

To address and resolve the emotional and psychological problems of the student body, the college has set up a Counselling Cell. The Counselling Cell intends to empower the students to deal effectively with challenges through professional guidance. The Counselling Cell will function respecting the student’s privacy so that they are free to explore their concerns, feelings, and behaviors.

This amenity is completely dedicated to the mental well-being of students and will help deal with and solve the personal problems that affect their education and campus life. It can be fear, anxiety, learning difficulties, self-doubt, low self-esteem, comparison problems, friendship and relationship problems, lack of concentration, sleeplessness problems, etc. Counselling helps them feel mentally relaxed so that they can effectively pursue their studies and lead a stress-free campus life.